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Sandy Whitlock

Generational Real Estate Consultant

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What Sets Us Apart from other Realtors?

What Sets Us Apart from other Realtors?

We specialize in helping seniors navigate the flood of information requiring them to decide to sell, stay or downsize. This is a life changing decision that may or may not be in your control.

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everything you need to help set up your new home.

connections with educational partners in the local community that specialize with seniors & their needs including:

  • money management
  • power of attorney
  • social security benefits
  • guardianship
  • wills
  • assisted living communities
  • nursing homes
  • contractors/repairs
  • interior designers
  • lenders
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About Louisiana mature moves:

Through the years Sandy has created several local businesses with the heart of helping to educate the community. Wheather it be thruough her Notary, Real Estate or Life Coaching busines she has always wanted to use it in a way to help others learn and achieve their own outcome.

Sandy has always made it a point to study with some of the best in their fields and enjoys teaching through Louisiana mature moves to help seniors & their families have the plain truth about difficult decisions. She coaches the senior and their family members through the process of the emotional decisions and Helps them to reinvent life through retirement and other life altering changes. This is what makes her -

Your Generational Real Estate Consultant.

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Ask and Learn what it

means to downsize with Louisiana Mature Moves and their Educational Partners

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"We know people!"

Relocation: Senior adult moving house

We help you with the process of preparing for

the "Pre-Move" including sorting & deciding what

items to part with & what items to take.

We work with Estate Sale agents, Donation Companies, Maid & Handy/Repair Services

Declutter Your Life Concept

It's all about who you know & what they can do for you

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Louisiana Mature Moves

Offers all of these service to better help equip the Senior and their family to make the right choices for them when it comes time to make a move.

Of course we also handle the sale of the house as a professional Realtor.

We work with Professional packing, Moving and unpacking services on your behalf also so you don't have to.

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Louisiana Mature Moves

Your Generational Real Estate Consultant

it's your season

Sandy Whitlock

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